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Ask The Leaders: Luke Bryan, Bicyclists, Millennial Generation, And More!

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) - Mayor Bill Peduto addressed the hot topic issue of the trash at the Luke Bryan concert. KDKA's Mike Pintek was ready to take on an issue he felt deserved to be discussed, face-to-face with the man who says the promoter is responsible.

Mayor Peduto began by stating that anyone who gets a permit to hold an event takes on the responsibility to keep the event safe and clean, it is not the government or the taxpayers. He continues that they should not come downtown and expect others to clean up after them, "if they're not able to do it, then they don't get a permit."

Ask The Leaders Part 1

The amusement tax was not designed to clean up human waste, he says the amusement tax is put into the budget to pave streets, maintain parks, and to put police in city neighborhoods. He says it was not intended to bring cops in to "babysit" the guests the promoters bring in.

"I don't go to other people's communities and trash theirs. I'm not going to let events be held in the city of Pittsburgh that trash our home," said Mayor Peduto. "This is where we live and where we welcome the entire region to use our downtown as our region's living room."

Ask The Leaders Part 2

Mayor Peduto doesn't see the trash and clean-up as the cost of doing business, he believes that events and their promoters should hold themselves up to a professional standard by recognizing what the needed security and will be. Then, they allocate their funds accordingly, instead of asking the city of Pittsburgh taxpayers to pick up the rest.

"I'm representing the city of Pittsburgh I am in charge of making sure there's an ambulance when someone's having a heart attack, is going to be able to take care of them," said Mayor Peduto. "Not to make sure that we have a party, that doesn't hire enough public safety and then puts the taxpayers, and tells them they have to pay it."

Ask The Leaders Part 3

Mayor Peduto does agree that this conversation is one that he needs to have with ALCO Parking, the Carnegie Science Center, PNC Park, and Consol Energy Center. He explains he will not pick on one event or one person in being responsible for the mess. He's confused with why so much money was made off the people who parked in the lots, yet there were still not enough dumpsters or port-o-johns provided for their guests.

"There's a heck of a lot of money being made there, a little bit more money and a little bit more attention has to go into the public safety and the public works," said Mayor Peduto. "Not just putting it on the backs of the city of Pittsburgh taxpayers."

Ask The Leaders Part 4

He concluded this topic by stating that himself and Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald will meet with many other city officials like the public works director and ALCO parking to find a solution before the next concert. Every idea is on the table and he adds that many of the good suggestions have come from people who attended the Luke Bryan concert.

Also during Ask The Leaders, they addressed bicycling in the city, the millennials that are moving in, the Port Authority's decision on not increasing fare, and what can be done to make Pittsburgh a more healthy and fit-friendly place to live.
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