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Ask An Expert: Hottest Trends In Pittsburgh This Spring

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Budget fashion freelance writer Kayla Posney helped Pittsburgh fashionistas get a jumpstart on spring 2013's budget-friendly and ultra-wearable trends, and now she is sharing her insight and predictions on spring 2015's must-own pieces. Spring is the ideal time of year to purge your closet of any outdated or out-of-style accessories and clothing items to make room for the year's upcoming trends. From 1970s-inspired floral fashions to flirty fringe accents and classic prints with a twist, there's a style to suit every fashionista from fierce to feminine. Check out what are sure to be the hottest trends in Pittsburgh fashion this spring.

Kayla Posney
Fashion Contributor for
Pittsburgh, PA contributor Kayla Posney brings more than four years of fashion-forward information focused on budget-friendly fashion in the Pittsburgh region. Her features are specifically geared toward helping Pittsburgh fashionistas uncover the best local deals and style trends. Posney, who graduated from Robert Morris University in 2008, holds a degree in English studies as well as a master's degree in professional writing, which she earned at Chatham College. In addition to providing fashion content for, Posney also works as a teacher at The Campus School of Carlow University.

The 1970s Are Back

Because fashion is cyclical, expect to see a trend toward the more flowing, boho-chic styles that were popular in the 1970s. Posney suggests giving this trend a modern flair with light wash denim jeans, jumpsuits and rompers accented with hints of floral prints and bright, happy colors. Must-own spring hues include Lucite Green, Strawberry Ice, Tangerine and 2015 Color of The Year Marsala. If you're not ready to fully commit to the designs of this decade, a floral pattern handbag or a statement piece of jewelry in yellow gold or adorned with feathers will have you on-trend.

Meet The New Animal Prints

While leopard and zebra prints are timeless statements, especially in the winter, unique animal prints will be making a splash this spring. "Prints that feature chameleons, crabs, starfish, birds, frogs and the ever-so-stylish peacock will be featured on dresses, tops, and blazers," predicts Posney. Bring a bohemian flair to your outfit with feather accents or take your office apparel from day-to-night with a snakeskin cuff or clutch.

Stripes, Stripes And More Stripes

Stripes are a classic print, but this spring will bring a rejuvenation of this traditional pattern. Shop for pieces covered in stripes of various colors, sizes and placement. "You may see a rainbow-colored striped blazer paired with a black and white striped pencil skirt," says Posney. Mixing it up is the ideal way to add visual interest to your outfit and give new life to your favorite staples. If you think you can't pull off stripes due to your shape or size, Posney says think again. "Stripes can sometimes seem like a daunting fashion choice, but spring's interesting placement and manipulation of stripes will be figure-flattering."

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Pretty Colored Suede

The first few weeks of spring's unpredictable weather can be challenging to dress for, but Posney deems suede the perfect transition fabric to carry your clothing from winter to spring. "It is lighter than leather, so you can still rock cute jackets while keeping warm on the chillier days." Expect an overhaul to basic black and brown suede as spring 2015 brings colored suede to the forefront. Don't shy away from lavender suede jackets, pale pink suede tops and even banana yellow suede skirts. Adding pops of color is one of the simplest and chicest ways to brighten up your dreary winter wardrobe and extend the life of your cold weather clothing.

Flirt With Fringe

Posney points out that fringe is going to be huge for spring. "It mixes well with the 1970s trend and also stands alone beautifully. You'll see fringe embellishments on tops, dresses and even accessories, such as purses and shoes." Flirty fringe adds a soft and carefree look to your spring fashion that is both feminine and fun.

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Jessica Wasik is a graduate of Robert Morris University with a degree in English Studies. She is also a contributing writer for and Her work can be found at

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