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Ask A Pittsburgh Expert: Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

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The Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect time to cuddle up with the kids and prepare a special craft or gift for family and friends. Even though it may be frosty or snowy outside, it is a wonderful family endeavor to work together in the warm confines of a house to take pride in a special project. This may be a great time to share stories and make crafts at the same time. The crafts don't have to be elaborate and it's the thought and attention to details that will make for a memorable holiday together as a family.

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Rebekah Cooksey has been with Michaels since 2012 and she is Vice President of Education and Projects for the company. She also works with her team to develop on-trend and seasonal craft projects. She is involved with all educational programming and classes. Here are some of her suggestions for Thanksgiving crafts for kids.

Wrapped Burlap Wreath


  • Green extruded foam floral wreath
  • Mini all temp glue sticks
  • Craft smart mini glue gun
  • Burlap ribbon
  • Wire cutters
  • Jute twine


Distribute the wrap burlap ribbon around the foam wreath and cut the end so it is in the back. Since you are working with hot glue, make sure the kids know all of the safety precautions. Next, glue two mum bushes to the wreath at the same site. Make sure this is pointing in opposite directions. Trim the stems where they overlap. Work together and glue the burlap sunflower pick over the stems of the bushes. Make sure to notice if the bushes are pointing in opposite directions and the glue is firmly attached.

Framed Burlap And Leaf


  • Laminated burlap
  • Liquid guilding
  • Adhesive tape
  • Distressed wood frame
  • Multi-purpose scissors


Carefully cut the burlap to fit inside of the frame and make sure the kids are using the scissors with parental guidance. Use the adhesive tape for the attachment to the frame backing. Dip the ends of a leaf into the craft guilding and let it dry to ensure proper support. Find the center of the burlap and attach it with the adhesive tape. While the glue is drying, the kids may have an opportunity to draw what the project may look when it's completed. The final step is to assemble the burlap project into the frame.

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Leather "Thanks" In A Fall Frame


  • Studio decor linear frame
  • Adhesive tape
  • Multi-purpose scissors
  • Krylon leafing pen
  • Cardstock paper pad
  • Suede leather trim
  • Scrapbook paper


Cut scrapbook paper so that it fits inside of the frame. Carefully cut the leather down and make sure it fits in the middle of the paper. Ask the kids what word should be used on the leather other than "Thanks." Use the gold leaf marker and then wait for it to dry. This would be an opportune time to ask why any optional words were chosen for the project. Attach the leather to the paper with the adhesive tape. Check that all of the materials are ready to assemble inside of the frame, and then have the kids take pictures of the fall frame for a special keepsake.

Thankful Turkey Craft


  • Construction paper
  • Wood craft sticks
  • Feathers
  • Multi-purpose scissors
  • Mini glue gun
  • Foam shapes (hand)
  • Wiggle eyes


Give the kids all of the materials and arrange them into shapes and have them design or draw the project for optional ideas. Have the kids cut out feather shapes from the construction paper. Glue the feathers onto the foam hand and place them in front of the fingers. Write Thanksgiving messages on the craft sticks and then glue them onto the hand. The turkey is next on the list and the kids can use their imagination of what a turkey really looks like and the foam hand is the final gobble gobble decoration. Don't forget the wiggle eyes and maybe a holiday wink will serve as a memory of Thanksgiving.

Glitter Polka Dot Craft Pumpkin


  • Mod Podge gloss
  • Stenciling sponges
  • Anti-static bag
  • 9" craft pumpkin
  • Extra fine glitter


What better addition to the Thanksgiving holidays than a pumpkin accessory, and not the kind you eat as a delicious dessert. Have the kids wipe the entire pumpkin surface with the anti-static bag to ensure the materials will stick properly. Use the sponges to apply a dot of Mod Podge onto the pumpkin in random sports. For a variation, use different size dots by alternating the sponge sizes. Make a glitter party with the kids and sprinkle the glitter on all of the dots and wait for them to dry. Wipe off excess glitter on the pumpkin with the anti-static bag.

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Gerry Cernicky is a retired health and physical education teacher with 36 years of experience. He is a former teacher of the year and a sports writer for the Vandergrift News. He delivers podcasts, and maintains a website and blog. He currently resides in Pittsburgh. His work can be found at


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