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Around The Table: Shift In Polling For Upcoming Iowa Caucuses

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- We are 12 days away from the Iowa caucuses, and there has been a shift in the polling.

On Wednesday, former Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn and former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett talked to KDKA's Stacy Smith about Iowa.

Joe Biden has not taken the lead in Iowa, with Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg and Elizabeth Warren are all basically tied.

Biden has made a move up while most of the others have faltered.

"I still think this is a work in progress," Burn said. "I think what we see between Sanders and Warren is the same block of votes pivoting three or four points one or the other. Once one of those two gets out, you'll see a huge spike. The Biden surge is intriguing."

"Biden appeals to a different group," Corbett said.

Support for Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar is growing.

"She is a regional candidate," Corbett said. "She is middle of the road. She is hurting Biden more than the other candidates."

Michael Bloomberg is also gaining steam in some new polls.

He is now within striking distance of fourth place as he is outspending everyone.

"He is waiting to see where the fallout is," Corbett said. "He continues to get his name up there."

"He has come in so late to the game," Burn said.

Now this week, Hillary Clinton made comments attacking Sanders.

"Her throwing the stone is going to come back on her and help Bernie," Corbett said.

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