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Around The Table: Reaction To Heated South Carolina Debate

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- If you weren't sure which Democratic candidate for president you favored, after last night's debate, you may be even more confused.

In Pennsylvania, we still have two months before our primary, but people in South Carolina go to the polls on Saturday.

Then on Tuesday, it is Super Tuesday, when 14 states and more than 1,300 delegates are up for grabs.

Tuesday night's debate and a look ahead to the primaries is the topic for Around The Table -- Campaign 2020.

Joining KDKA's Stacy Smith is Keith Schmidt, who served as state director for Republican Senator Rick Santorum, and Jim Burn, who is the former chairman of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.

There was a debate in South Carolina on Tuesday night, but the headlines are not anywhere close to what the party wanted to see.

"It was a goat rodeo. It was hard to watch," Schmidt said. "I don't think it moved numbers for anyone."

"They all embarrassed the party," Burn said.

As I mentioned, the South Carolina primary is Saturday.

According to the average of polls, Joe Biden maintains a lead over surging Bernie Sanders.

The person analysts call the most influential politician in South Carolina, Congressman Jim Clyburn, announced he is supporting Biden.

Does this sew it up for Biden in South Carolina?

"It's a must-win for Biden," Schmidt said.

"Those hits he took in those first three states have impaired his ability to raise money," Burn said.

Is it time for some of the moderates to drop out, and if so, who?

"All but Bloomberg," Burn said.

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