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Around The Table: Looking Ahead To Super Tuesday

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The next seven days may be the most crucial time in politics leading up to the Democratic National Convention.

There is the South Carolina primary on Saturday.

Then on Tuesday, more than 1,300 delegates will be chosen as 14 states hold primaries on Super Tuesday.

Where things stand as we head into Super Tuesday, and what happens afterward, is the topic of this segment of Around The Table -- Campaign 2020.

Joining KDKA's Stacy Smith is former Republican Governor Tom Corbett and Joe Mistick, who is involved in democratic politics.

As we head into Super Tuesday, some say this is a fight for the soul of the Democratic party. Do you agree?

"Joe Biden has been saying that since the beginning of his campaign. And it's true," Mistick. "But every four years, both major parties have a fight for their soul."

Some say this is similar to what Republicans went through four years ago when Donald Trump jumped in and basically shook up the party.

"He won it by personality," Corbett said. "The difference is this is ideological."

On Tuesday, there are three states which have more than half of the delegates: California, Texas and North Carolina.

In the latest average of the polls for the three states, Bernie Sanders has a lead in every one of them.

And, as you look at the numbers, the man who is counting on Super Tuesday to propel him to the nomination is in fourth place in two of those states and is in third place in the other.

What happens if Michael Bloomberg finishes this poorly?

"He has to be questioning himself and his performance," Corbett said.

Is this a case of too many moderate candidates and are they splitting the pie?

"There are, and they will be flushed out," Mistick said.

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