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Around The Table: Impeachment Trial Of President Donald Trump Is Underway

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- What is happening on the floor of the Senate is going to have political repercussions and could very well have an impact on who will be the next president on the United States.

The impeachment of Pres. Trump is underway in the Senate.

Former Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Jim Burn and former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett talked to KDKA's Stacy Smith about the impeachment trial on Wednesday.

Is either side in any political danger because of the trial?

"I think each side is somewhat exposed, but they are exposed to complaints from the other side," Corbett said. "When this is all said and done, I think (Trump) will be acquited and we will move on."

"The Democrats have an all-or-nothing proposition," Burn said. "The country, based on polling, is tired of impeachment. ... If they don't succeed, Mr. Trump and Republicans will use it against them."

The latest average of impeachment polls by Real Clear Politics shows the nation is evenly divided, with 47.3 percent saying Trump should be removed and 47.5 percent saying he should not be removed.

Independent voters are also split down the middle.

"Both sides have made a case to their argument to their base, which explains the split," Burn said. "The significant number is the Independents."

"I don't see any victors coming out of the impeachment process," Corbett said.

There are some in the GOP who contend the Democrats are pushing this impeachment to put three or four Republican senators up for re-election in a corner.

"That is clearly a consideration that both parties are taking into consideration," Corbett said.

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