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Fire Forces Residents From Public High Rise In Arnold

By: KDKA-TV's Shelley Bortz and Jennifer Borrasso

ARNOLD, Pa. (KDKA) - A fire forced residents out of a public high rise in Arnold on Thursday afternoon.

The fire broke out at Arnold Manor on Horne Boulevard around 2:30 p.m.

When NewsChopper 2 got on the scene, smoke could be seen coming from the building and crews were working to put the fire out. Several firefighters could be seen gathered around the front of the building.

arnold manor fire
(Photo: NewsChopper 2)

Fire officials said the fire started as an electrical fire in a fourth-floor apartment. Cell phone videos show bright flames pouring out of windows.

Everyone made it out safely, though 18 apartments were damaged and 24 residents could not return to their homes. The Red Cross is helping those who were displaced.

Several people told KDKA's Shelley Bortz the hero of the day was an Arnold police officer.

A woman who uses a wheelchair was stuck in her apartment below where the fire started. Her daughter said the police officer carried her in her wheelchair out of the building to safety. And she's not the only resident he helped.

"There was a guy stuck in right here, the cop went and grabbed a ladder off the fireman truck, broke the window with the flashlight as he's yelling at the fireman to do their job and to get the people out," one resident said.

WATCH: Jennifer Borrasso Reports

Resident Crystal Mar helped too.

"She was screaming, 'Help me, help me,' screaming," Mar said. "I got her to sit down on the ground and slide her down the steps."

Some residents didn't even realize what was going on until they saw flames and smoke pouring from the high rise.

"I kept an eye on the building, watched for any victims that were inside that might need to get out and saw a gentleman that was in a window and he was basically waiting for us to come up and get him," said Officer Christian.

Several people were treated for smoke inhalation and one firefighter was treated for minor injuries.

Officials believe those who were impacted will be able to get back into their apartments early next week.

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