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Are The Next Reality Stars In Pittsburgh?

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The reality show "Dance Moms" is set here in Pittsburgh, as well as "Farm Kings."

We've also had our share of locals on "Survivor," but get ready for Chet Welch and Bob Cherry.

"I raise two things on this farm: show animals … and beauty queens," Welch said, "they took it from me."

"The day we bought the farm someone was on their cell phone saying, 'these two gay guys bought the farm,'" Cherry said.

Together they have llamas, cows, dogs and peacocks outside Leechburg in Armstrong County.

"I'll run something by him to see what he things and then I'll do what I want anyway," Welch said.

"It's nice that he asks," Cherry said.

Oh and they're also involved with coaching Miss Pennsylvania.

"It's a nice balance for me, when I come back from Miss America, I don't want to see a bead or a sequin," Welch said. "All I want to do is spend time with my animals and shovel manure."

Bob Kusbit and Ellen Berkman Davis believe Welch and Cherry have what it takes to be reality stars.

"Chet and Bob were real, they were emotional," Kusbit said, "but at the center of it, it was a story that I hadn't heard before."

Kusbit has created reality shows for MTV and CMT. Berkman Davis has managed the casting departments for "The Amazing Race" and "Survivor," during which time Welch actually appeared as a contestant.

Of all the entertaining applicants for the Next Reality Star Pittsburgh Contest, which is supported by Steeltown Entertainment Project and the Pittsburgh Innovative Media Incubator, they say this duo stood out.

"You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be interested in their story," said Berkman Davis, "you'll like their neighbors, you'll hate their neighbors, you'll love them."

Cherry says he never thought things would go this far and only auditioned to appease his partner.
"My thinking was, 'it's an hour of my life,'" he said.

But now that they could actually end up with a show, he says "God only knows!"


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