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Are Cell Phones Really Giving Us Cancer?

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) - Chris Moore spoke with Dr. Devra Davis about the dangers of cell phone radiation over the weekend.

Dr. Davis is the author of "The Secret History of the War on Cancer" and "Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation."

One of the first pieces of information she shared was that Apple products actually do have a warning in their general settings about the microwaves phones give off. Dr. Davis also said that iPads and other laptops are tested 20 cm away from an adult male body, which means that they were not made for small children to hold for an extended period of time.

"If you have to have your phone in your pocket for a short period of time, it's not going to be a problem as long as you have it on airplane mode, which means you cannot send or receive messages," she said.

Another way to lower the microwaves is to use a headset or headphones and using hands free as much as possible.

She also discussed a study done on that shows that men who carry their phones in their front pockets may have a lower sperm count.

Another story that Dr. Davis shared was that of Tiffany Frantz.

"She carried her phone around in her bra for years and at the age of 21 was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer right under the surface of her skin, right under the antennas of her phone," she said.

The important thing is that we start early. Children need to be distanced from devices in the home and in schools.

"Elementary school children should not have more than three hours a week. There is an epidemic of bad handwriting, because they get into keyboarding or typing and they don't learn how to write their letters properly," she said.

Are Cellphones Really Giving Us Cancer?

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