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Anonymous Donor Gifts $20 Million To Schools In Diocese of Greensburg

GREENSBURG, Pa. (KDKA) -- The Catholic Diocese of Greensburg received a multimillion-dollar gift to further education efforts.

"Twenty million dollars at least," said Maureen Marsteller, the Superintendent of Catholic Schools.

That is how much money an anonymous donor gifted the Diocese of Greensburg's Catholic schools.

"I can't express how happy we are here in the Greensburg Diocese and I'm so happy for the opportunity for the children and youth of our diocese to have an opportunity to experience Catholic education," Bishop Larry Kulick said.

The money will go to the St. Pope John Paul II Tuition Opportunity Partnership. Last year, the same individual donated more than $2.5 million to help pay the tuition for prospective students.

The donor hopes the influx of money will keep the enrollment up.

"To have somebody come out of nowhere and offer millions of dollars in scholarships to people, it's been transformative," said Kevin Frye, the principal of Christ the Divine Teacher School in Latrobe.

"That is a lot of love. It's going to go far. It's going to bring more people into our community," said parent Meghan Scalise.

There are requirements for those applying for the funds. The biggest being:

"The requirements are that they become part of a faith community. It doesn't have to be a Catholic faith community. It can be a denominational church, a Christian faith community, and we want them to become an active member of that community," said Marsteller.

According to the diocese, the donation will assure the employment of hundreds of educators and staff.

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