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Animal Friends Finalizing Adoption Process For Over 100 Dogs Rescued From Ross Township Home

ROSS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) -- The Pittsburgh-area animal shelter that rescued more than 100 dogs from a home in Ross Township says they've received more than 700 adoption applications for them.

Animal Friends said it was their largest rescue as 117 dogs removed from a Ross Township home on Sept. 11. Most of the dogs were Australian Shepherds, Border Collies and Golden Retriever mixes.

Photo Credit: KDKA Photojournalist Ian Smith

"The conditions that these dogs were in was just deplorable and heartbreaking," said Shannon Clarke, communications director at Animal Friends.

Within the next few days, the shelter will bring in the adoptive families.

The owner of the home is accused of hoarding the dogs, and Humane Society officers will either be filing misdemeanor or felony charges.

"Our humane investigations department is pursuing charges," Clarke said. "But currently, we're gathering more evidence to ensure that our case is as sound as possible."

Dogs like Conquest and Courage are less timid than they were when they initially arrived. Some of the dogs are recovering from issues like Lyme disease, Giardia and gastrointestinal issues.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

It's been a fight for life, but happier days are ahead.

"We are overwhelmed and humbled by how incredible the response was from the community," Clarke said.

Animal Friends is working to figure out who to contact first for this large-scale adoption.

The dogs remain crated as behavior evaluations, spay and neuter surgeries and health checkups are being completed.

Animals Friends said 15 puppies are not ready for adoption and three dogs died following the rescue.

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