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Andy Warhol Bridge About To Be Yarn Bombed

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The Andy Warhol Bridge will soon be enfolded in fabric. Artists at the Spinning Plate Gallery are getting ready for a weekend of yarn bombing.

With 580 fabric panels to place, lead artist Amanda Gross has it all worked out.

"Material for the towers are just all made on knitting machines," she says. "Slightly different from the stuff on the bottom. They've been affixed to construction fencing. And we cover parts of the tower facing and the tower legs."

The 640 panels were created by 1,800 volunteers from almost every town, borough and neighborhood in Allegheny County.

They've even reached out to homeless people to keep an eye on the bridge at night. When the squares of fabric are taken down in September, they'll be donated to homeless shelters.

Fiber artist LaVerne Kemp loves the diversity of the artists.

"They were able to reach so many different communities and bring all those communities together," she says. "I just think that's wonderful."

Fiber arts teacher Susan Swarthout says she just moved here from Los Angeles.

"I know more people in seven months than I ever knew in Los Angeles that are artists," she says.

The fabric squares will be mounted on the Andy Warhol Bridge this Saturday and Sunday.

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