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Analyzing Your Cell Phone Bill Could Save You Money

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- More Americans than ever use cell phones now, but it turns out you could be throwing money out of the window.

Analyzing 24,000 wireless bills, Bill Shrink Co-Founder Schwark Satyavolu says consumers consistently overestimated what they need.

Users think they need 711 minutes a month, but use only 651 minutes. They also think they average 2,566 text messages a month, but only use 1,555.

"We're overpaying simply because we don't assess how much we really need with our wireless plans correctly," Satyavolu said.

Media and marketing professor Paige Beal at Point Park University says cell phone technology is great.

"But our knowledge about them and how to actually price them and shop price them has fallen behind I'm afraid," she said.

Mavis Herring says she identifies with most consumers.

"I think they really don't understand how the pricing works and then when you get the bill you don't necessarily understand it," she said.

Consumer advocates say it takes time to review and understand all parts of your cell phone bill, but you can save money if you do. Also, call your cell phone provider to help you find a cheaper plan that works for you.

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