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American Airlines Dealing With Several Day Stretch Of Mass Flight Cancelations

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- If you have travel plans involving flights on American Airlines, you're going to want to check your flight's status before heading to the airport.

The airline is expected to continue into a 4th day of mass cancelations, leaving thousands of travelers stranded. The cancelations are causing major headaches, not just for travelers, but for the company itself.

Just yesterday, the airline had to cancel around 700 flights. This comes on top of the over 1,000 flights that had to be called due to weather on Thursday and Friday.

On Sunday, nearly 100,000 American Airlines passengers were impacted by the slowdown.

The airline's largest hub at Dallas-Fort Worth took the largest hit, where 13% of all mainline flights were canceled. Other cities impacted include Miami, New York, Charlotte, Chicago, and Phoenix.

While some of the flight cancelations may be weather-related, but not all of them. In a message to flight attendants at the airline, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants Union said the company was forcing employees to pick up extra shifts despite contract rules.

Several flights departing from Pittsburgh International Airport have been canceled, including flights traveling to Miami, Phoenix, Philadelphia, and Charlotte.

American Airlines expects more flight crews will return during the holiday season. The company says around 1,800 flight attendants will return from leave today and more will return by December 1.

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