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American Airlines Canceling Hundreds Of Flights In Part Due To Labor Shortages

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- American Airlines is the latest business to be affected by labor shortages -- and that's part of the reason that the airline is canceling hundreds of flights.

This has to be a nightmare for those who were planning on taking a flight.

According to the company, the pandemic has something to do with the cancelations.

According to a spokesperson from the airlines, hundreds of flights through at least mid-July are canceled due to the massive travel demand, while still dealing with the pandemic.

In addition to that, they say they're trying to work around the weather from earlier this month that impacted their operations and several crew members.

Plus, the company says they're trying to deal with labor shortages.

The company says they're looking to cancel 50 to 80 flights per day moving forward.

They say customers who have booked through July 15 will be notified or have already received notifications that their flight has been canceled or that they need to make adjustments.

It's unclear if or how many flights out of Pittsburgh International Airport may be affected.

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