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Amazon Promises Selected Lower Prices At Whole Foods

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Whole Foods is now owned by Amazon, and customers are hoping for some price changes at a grocery store known for high prices.

"If it means it's going to be lowering the prices here where the nickname is Whole Paycheck for Whole Foods, I'll be really glad about that," said George Dalzell of the South Side.

Amazon has promised some price reductions, but most customers on Monday didn't see much different.

"I didn't really notice on what I got," said Travis Petrik of Glassport.

"Couple changes. If you ask me what they were, I don't remember," added Vinceena Deiulus of Bethel Park.

"Probably more cosmetic than actual," noted Dr. Sam Cho of Squirrel Hill.

One shopper saw a difference.

"The prices are amazing. I'm really happy. It's a lot more affordable for a college student like me," said Carson Coulter of Apollo.

Whole Food wouldn't let a KDKA camera in, but KDKA money editor Jon Delano found a few items with price reductions, perhaps enough to get new customers to come into the store.

Bananas once 59-cents a pound were marked down to 49-cents.

Apples were down from $2.99 to $1.99 a pound.

And extra-large brown eggs from $3.49 a dozen to $3.19.

(Photo Credit: Jon Delano/KDKA)

Point Park business professor Elaine Luther says Amazon can afford to drop prices.

"They don't really have to make money on the Whole Food acquisition immediately because they are going to do other things with that," she said.

Like mine the customer data, promote online grocery sales, and generally go after the competition.

"I think they will be a threat to the middle range people like Giant Eagle, or a Kroger in another market, or a Shop 'n Save," she said.

Luther thinks Walmart and Costco, which sell so much more than food products, probably won't be hurt as much.

Whole Foods customers do have concerns.

"Amazon feels as though they are taking over the world, and I hope the quality of the -- and the community, most of all the community that you see at Whole Foods -- exists and remains the same," hopes Sheila Griffin of Shadyside.

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