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Alligator Captured In Giant Eagle Parking Lot

SHALER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) -- Another alligator has been captured in the Pittsburgh area.

This gator was caught in the parking lot of the Giant Eagle on Route 8 in Shaler Township.

(Source: Shaler Township Police/Facebook)
(Photo Credit: Chris Hoffman/KDKA)
(Photo Credit: Chris Hoffman/KDKA)

The Big Daddy Wildlife group was brought in for the rescue.

According to Shaler Township Police, the two-foot gator was eventually turned over to animal control.

This 2 foot alligator was found outside the Shaler Giant Eagle overnight. It was turned over to animal control this morning. If this is your alligator, please send us a message.

Posted by Shaler Township Police Department on Friday, July 19, 2019

"One of the employees from Giant Eagles was going into work this morning, and she saw him in the parking lot and called the police department," Paul McIntyre of Big Daddy Wildlife told KDKA while holding the newly found gator.

"Probably wanted some food from up there. He smelled the doughnuts cooking up there."

Once police caught the gator, they put him in a box and took him back to their department. McIntyre has a contract with the municipality to retrieve animals and cleanup roadkill.

He believes the 2-year-old and 2-foot-long gator is a pet that someone no longer wanted.

"They couldn't take care of him anymore so they let him go," McIntyre said.

Right now McIntyre doesn't know where the little gator will go, but he hopes it's to a safe environment.

"Hopefully he'll go to a reptile place that does shows at schools with animals," McIntyre said.

Since this little one doesn't have a name yet, McIntyre gave it one you may recognize.

"We're going to name it John Shumay," he said with a laugh.

Police are asking that if you're the animal's owner or know the owner to please give them a call or send them a message.

This is the fourth alligator captured in Allegheny County since May.

The first was spotted in Riverfront Park on the South Side by a family that was out fishing for the day.


The second, and perhaps most famous, is Chomp. He was found next to a garage, hissing and angry, and eventually taken to Humane Animal Rescue.

Chomp's owner came forward and is now facing animal neglect and cruelty charges after he said the gator escaped through a window.

The third alligator was caught in Carrick a few days later.

According to KDKA's Chris Hoffman, the Shaler Police say they have located the alligator's owner.

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