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Allegheny County Health Department Warns Of Significant Coronavirus Community Spread

PITTSBURGH, PA (KDKA) - It's another day of alarming numbers when it comes to COVID-19 across the state.

"I'm just wishing people would be more cautious," said Pittsburgh resident Janet Long.

On Tuesday, Allegheny County alone reported 317 new cases.

"I find it really disturbing and I'm concerned about it," said Shay Park, who works in the city.

At 26, Park falls into the age category that makes up 38 percent of the new cases.

"It's hard to not feel not kind of judgmental when I see my friends or peers engaging in behavior I don't. I try to stay quarantined," Park said.

Gatherings and parties, including on Halloween -- that's what Allegheny County leaders believe is the cause to this spike in cases and community spread.

"I understand a lot of them are young people and they are bored, but we are all bored, really. We have to keep this in mind that you have to be safe rather than sorry," Long said.

Medical professionals continue to push that same message.

"The top three things are the social distancing with the six feet, the protective equipment with the masks and eliminating large gatherings," said Dr. Sanjay Mannan with Allegheny Health Network.

Dr. Mannan told KDKA this may not be the end of rising numbers.

"Colleges are letting out students for a longer duration of time so we will have an increase as they come home. So, the biggest thing is to have a plan, so you have that college-age student -- watch them for four days before you let them back into the world," Mannan said.

Mannan's best advice heading into Thanksgiving is go virtual or move outdoors, but be flexible.

"In the past you might have had 25 people over. Maybe to keep six feet in the home, it's only 12 this year," Mannan said.

The last time Allegheny County hit 300 positive cases was on July 14 at 331 cases. County leaders linked that spike to a combination of the 4th of July holiday and backlogged test results.

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