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Allegheny County Recounts Votes From Election Night

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Allegheny County election officials, under the watchful eyes of political observers and representatives of the Democratic, Republican and Green parties, gathered Monday morning in the county office building to double check the results from election night.

The entire process took about 45 minutes.

Officials took a second look at the totals from the electronic machines used in 52 of Allegheny County's districts. Elections officials went precinct by precinct, checking the totals that came in on election night.

Officials used the results from the voting machine tapes and compared them to the totals from the flash drives inside each voting machine.

When all was said and done, officials say the totals were the same as what was reported on election night.

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"There was no change to the results that we will be sending to the Board of Elections to certify next Monday," said Elections Division Manager Mark Wolosik.

However, some were upset today's re-canvassing only involved electronic votes, not paper ballots.

"The people of Allegheny County need to know that in an election recount, that their absentee ballots or emergency ballots or provisionals...nothing by hand is counted," said emotional elections officer Stephanie Palumbo.

"The affidavits that were filed in the court hearing that took place on Friday limited this process to the voting machine re-canvass not the absentee ballots," Wolosik said.

Others in the Green Party would've liked an even deeper examination to prove there wasn't any fraud or hacking.

"This does not include the greater question of a full forensic audit. This just says one card in the machine is consistent with another card in the machine," said Green Party representative Joy Sabl.

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