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Allegheny Co.'s Political Makeup Reveals Some Unusual & Really Bizarre Parties

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) -- By-and-large, Allegheny County residents are registered as Democrats, with about half as many Republicans.

To vote for a Presidential candidate in Pennsylvania's General Primary next month, people need to be in one of those parties. As it turns out, over 100,000 people chose different routes, and some of them could be considered unusual.

Total Registered Voters in Allegheny County (as of March 7, 2016):
862,118 people

Major Affiliations:

  • 510,722 Democrats
  • 237,596 Republicans
  • 68,023 No Affiliation
  • 22,405 No Party
  • 12,853 Independent
  • 4,963 Libertarians
  • 1,407 Green Party

Some Other Affiliations:

  • 39 Socialist Party
  • 34 Blank Party
  • 11 Anarchists
  • 11 Tea Party
  • 17 American Party
  • 9 Birthday Party
  • 9 Indepent Party (as opposed to Independent)
  • 9 Whig Party
  • 4 Everyday Party
  • 3 Jedi Party
  • 2 Prohibition Party
  • 2 Pro-Life Party
  • 1 New Afrikan Independence Party
  • 1 Pirate Party
  • 1 Non-Incriminating Party
  • 1 United We Stand Party
  • 1 Fascist Party
  • 1 Wild Party

On it's website, The Allegheny County Elections Division lists the last day to register to vote for the Primary as March 28.

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Anyone who isn't registered as a Republican or Democrat won't see Presidential candidates on their ballot. They will, however, have the opportunity to vote on two amendments to Pennsylvania's Constitution: one that extends the mandatory retirement age for all judges from 70- to 75-years-old, and one that abolishes the Philadelphia Traffic Court.

The General Primary is on April 26.

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