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Study Unveils Allegheny County's Most Dangerous Intersections For Pedestrians

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A new study finds that while pedestrian fatalities are down statewide, pedestrian accidents are still a problem. The study, done in part by the Hal Waldman and Associates law firm, reportedly looked at crashes involving pedestrians in Allegheny County from 2013 to 2017.

Per the report, the most dangerous intersections in Allegheny County are as follows:

  • Forbes Avenue and McKee Place in Pittsburgh – Nine crashes
  • Ross Street and Sixth Avenue in Pittsburgh – Eight crashes
  • Cedar Avenue and East Ohio Street in Pittsburgh – Eight crashes
  • Fifth Avenue and South Aiken Avenue in Pittsburgh – Eight crashes
  • Murray Avenue and Forbes Avenue in Pittsburgh –Seven crashes
  • South Negley Avenue and Penn Avenue in Pittsburgh –Seven crashes
  • Stanton Avenue and North Negley Avenue in Pittsburgh –Seven crashes
  • Evans Street and State Route 148 in McKeesport –Seven crashes

See The Full Report And The Top 50 Most Dangerous Intersections Here

KDKA visited the spots deemed the most dangerous.

First, we started out where Forbes Avenue and McKee Place meet in Oakland.

"We're working right down the street and all you hear is horns being blown all day, sirens, said William Thomas of Allison Park.

The study found it to be the most dangerous intersection, with the highest amount of pedestrian crashes.

"People just don't watch. They just drive right through even though pedestrians have got the right of way," said Thomas.

We saw several people crossing without having the walk signal and looking down at their cell phones.

"I see people on their phones a lot, yes. Not paying attention to where they're going," said Tracey Carlew of East Liberty.

Folks we spoke with said distracted drivers are just as problematic.

"You see some drivers, they're out here. I'm hoping that they see me. You know? They've got their head down, on their phone. You don't know if they're even paying attention," said Carlew.

Next, we moved over to the South Side Flats. The study determined it to be a concentrated hot spot for pedestrian collisions, with the majority of collisions happening on Carson Street.

Last, we headed downtown to where Ross Street and Sixth Avenue intersect.

"I think it's aggressive driving. They're trying to get through the light," said Cindy Pawlowski of Brentwood.

The study noted eight pedestrian crashes there, with one major injury.

"We see the intersection being blocked by a car when we have the walk sign, so then we have to walk around and then somebody is trying to turn up," said Pawlowski.

Folks told us rush hour is typically the scariest time for pedestrians, as drivers are usually most anxious to get out of town.

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