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Parents: Sister Thea Bowman Catholic Academy Student Threatens Shooting After Threatening Classmate With Pocket Knife

WILKINSBURG (KDKA) -- Parents say a student threatened classmates with a knife before threatening to shoot anyone who reported him.

Parents felt like they were kept in the dark after the alleged threat took place at Sister Thea Bowman Catholic Academy in Wilkinsburg on Wednesday.

According to reports, a seventh-grade student threatened to stab another student with a pocket knife.

Parents then say that same student allegedly said he would shoot another student if she told anyone.

"I work two full-time jobs," one parent said. "When I'm at work, I shouldn't have to worry about my kid."

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Some parents say they did not know about the alleged threats until they talked to their kids.

Parents later passed out flyers to each other with information on what allegedly happened.

Both the school and police conducted an investigation. No weapons were found.

Parents say the student who allegedly made the threats is facing no punishment and was back in school on Thursday.

"They should have expelled him immediately," another parent said.

Michelle Peduto, a spokesperson for the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh, said they dealt with the incident.

"We addressed it immediately, we followed procedure and protocol, we contacted the proper authorities," Peduto said.

Peduto could not say if the student was suspended.

"This should not be taken lightly. I don't want this school to be on the news because someone got killed by another child," one parent said.

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