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Alleged Pa. "Bigfoot" Sighting Causing Quite A Stir

BRADFORD, Pa. (KDKA) – Is it an optical illusion or a rare sighting of the legendary Bigfoot?

Either way, several recent articles, and this picture are causing a big stir in Pennsylvania.

A hiker claims to have photographed the mythical beast in the woods of Kinzua State Park.

The pictures and story are already getting world-wide attention.

Hiker John Stoneman says he was returning from the Kinzua Bridge Festival with his girlfriend when they saw the shape moving in the forest.

He says he quickly grabbed his camera, and took pictures as they slowed the car along the road.

"I said to my girlfriend you're not gonna believe the attention I'm gonna get with these shots," he said.

The Bradford, Pa., man claims he already has several organizations calling and asking to verify the pictures.

Even more, he says there was a "Bigfoot Calling Contest" during the festival the day before he spotted the creature.

Was the ape-like thing attracted by the calls?

Stoneman told KDKA-TV's Ralph Iannotti that he has no idea.

"I'm not trying to fake anything; I'm 100 percent truthful," he said. "I'm not saying they absolutely are Bigfoot, I'm saying I took pictures of dark objects in the woods that I didn't know what they were."

In a telephone interview, Stoneman said, "I'm still a skeptic, but I did see something."

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