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Man Accused Of Killing, Dismembering Roommate Allegedly Confessed To Police

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The case against the Carrick man accused of killing a man and dismembering his body is moving forward.

During the preliminary hearing Friday, all charges were held for court and key evidence was introduced, including an alleged confession.

Arguably the most damaging piece of evidence introduced against John Dickinson at his preliminary hearing Friday is an alleged confession to the horrific crimes. When Pittsburgh Police Detectives interviewed the 42-year-old, they said Dickinson admitted to killing Kevin Thompson and then dismembering his body.


After the hearing, KDKA spoke with Dickinson's attorney Patrick Knightingale.

"This was really the very first step in the proceeding. And I think that once discovery material is made available to me, I will be able to explore a very vigorous defense to the charge of first-degree murder," Knightingale said.

According to police, Dickinson and 46-year-old Thompson were living together on Parkfield Street in Carrick. Shortly after Thompson's mother reported him missing on May 31, 2018, detectives discovered his remains, both in the basement of the house and in a shed.

"Certainly, the Commonwealth presented evidence that there were a significant number of injuries that were inflicted. I look forward to receiving the full autopsy report, the scene photos, the autopsy photos, to determine and to corroborate the Commonwealth's representations at the preliminary hearing," Knightingale said.

According to detectives, blood-spattered walls indicated a violent struggle between the men spanned from the second floor to the basement.

"There is much more to this investigation than they presented at this limited hearing, so until we have a chance to dig into that evidence, to look for potential inconsistencies, and file pretrial motions, this is what we're stuck with," Knightingale said.

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