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'The See My Smile Mask': Local Company Makes Masks To Help Those With Hearing Impairments, Other Special Needs

HAMPTON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) -- With masks being mandated by Governor Tom Wolf, facial expressions can be lost and some people who are hard at hearing aren't able to read lips.

Several companies are making masks with clear material around mouths so people can see each other's faces. This includes one in our area.

Rose Morris with Abram's Nation has been making masks since early in the pandemic.

"Just happy to help," she said while sewing a mask.

Within the last few weeks, clients asked if her Hampton Township company could make ones with clear material around the mouth.

"Sometimes I call it the see my smile mask," Morris said with a smile that could be seen through her mask.

Many of the people Morris works with help people with special needs...including hearing impairments, and others who couldn't recognize a trusted adult with a mask over their face.

"When you're not in that world, you don't realize what somebody else needs. Once your eyes are open to it, then you realize there is a much larger community than what you think," Morris said.

She started making these new masks and shipping to anyone who needs them.

Abram's Nation can pump out hundreds a day and they have shipped out thousands already. She had to bring on more staff to complete orders for masks and the other products the company sells.

"We went from having three to four people sewing to seven, eight, nine. It's been crazy," Morris said inside her facility.

With the vinyl material over your mouth, it could fog up. Well here's a simple hack for that. Just take some soap, put a little dab of it on the vinyl, rub it in, and then wipe it off with a paper towel. You can put it right over your mouth, and it will not fog.

So far, Morris has received positive feedback from clients. She is working with school districts to get these in the hands of teachers and other staff.

"To be able to come here and know that we're making a difference, it really does something for you inside. It feels good," Morris said with a smile.

The masks are available online.

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