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Aadila Dosani On The CW's 'Nancy Drew': 'We Get To Have Our Own Flair On The Bobbsey Twins'

(CBS Local)-- Season two of "Nancy Drew" on The CW Network is off and running and one of the breakout stars of this new season has been Aadila Dosani. The actor plays Amanda Bobbsey, one half of the Bobbsey Twins. The Bobbsey Twins are always up to something and putting themselves ahead of everyone else.

CBS Local caught up with Dosani to discuss season two of "Nancy Drew," playing a twin on TV and the exposure of being on a network TV show like this one.

"It's been rad and it's been so great," said Dosani, in an interview with CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith. "This show is spectacular and the people on it are so incredibly amazing. It's been so welcoming and they've definitely welcomed Praneet Akilla and I with open arms. We get to play Bobbsey Twins, how can it not be great. I feel like if I said it was bad, I shouldn't be working. Playing a twin has been pretty wild. I feel like that has been the most fascinating thing for me."

New episodes of "Nancy Drew" stream every Thursday and Dosani love how passionate this fan base is about the series and the characters on the show.

"It's actually been really awesome to see how much of a cult following this show has," said Dosani. "You know that going in and then you see people tweeting and commenting live. That's when you really realize there's so many humans invested in it. It kind of makes my job so much better. You know that you're touching some people and the comments have been hilarious. As you may or may not have seen, Ace and Amanda may or may not have something going on. It's actually been quite funny to see those comments. People really want Ace and Nancy to end up together and I'm like 'I'm sorry I didn't write this.'"

Another thing that Dosani is really proud of is the representation this show has. The Bobbsey Twins were originally white, upper-class kids in the source material. "Nancy Drew" has two people of color in those roles for this show and the impact of that is not lost on the actor.

"It means the world to me. The Bobbsey Twins in the source material are two sets of affluent, Caucasian twins and Praneet and I get to live in this world and just get to be plopped in it without any rhyme or reason or explanation. We have been given that permission to get creative with our characters and it's been such a wild ride. We get to explore so many more things. We're not just completely recreating someone from source material and staying true to that. We get to have our on flair on it."

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