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AAA: Don't Drive Around With Face Masks Hanging From Your Rearview Mirror

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- It's becoming a normal sight, or maybe you've done it yourself in these past few months. Passing a car with a face mask hanging from the rearview mirror.

It keeps masks handy when getting in and out of the car while running errands or when you're in a rush to work. However, AAA is warning drivers not only is this dangerous, but also against the law.

According to AAA, a driver can encounter as many as 200 different situations per mile.

They say having your view blocked by anything, including a face mask swinging from the rearview mirror, can cause an obstruction.

AAA East Central Legislative Director Theresa Podguski said in a news release, "It is essential to have a completely clear field of vision while driving. Motorists should keep their masks in their glove boxes, middle consoles, or back seats to avoid this preventable hazard."

In Pennsylvania, it is also against the law to operate a vehicle with anything hanging from the rearview mirror.

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