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A Gentleman's Guide To Grooming In Pittsburgh

By Sally Turkovitch

Women aren't the only ones who like pampering. Yes, it's okay to admit it, guys. You like pampering too! A quick and quality haircut, a dynamite massage and... dare I say it... a manicure and a facial are all things a guy should treat himself to on a regular basis.

Here is a list of the top places for guys to go to when they're in need of some grooming and pampering. And ladies, feel free to make it a treat for both of you. Getting to get a manicure with you man sounds like a great Saturday morning date to me!

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Best place for a quick and quality haircut

Salon 5844
5844 Ellsworth Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
(412) 362-5844
Hours: Tues 9am-5pm; Wed 9am-8pm; Thurs 11am-8pm; Fri 9am-6pm; Sat 8am-5pm; Sun 10am-3pm
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Located in Shadyside on Ellsworth Avenue, Salon 5844 sets itself apart from the multitude of other salons on Ellsworth because of its fabulous customer service and reasonable prices. Johnnie and Bethann are two of the best stylists in the 'Burgh. They're fast, they're experienced and they're really fun to talk to! Salon 5844 is low key and has a high percentage of male clientele - exactly the kind of thing to look for if you're used to Super Cuts or the random salon at the mall. Call Salon 5844 to make an appointment and you won't be disappointed. The stylists are always on schedule so you'll be in, out and on your way before you start to get bored. Bonus? They carry the line of L'Oreal Homme products designed specifically for men so you don't have to worry about smelling like girlie hair products when you're done.

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Best place for a dynamite massage

Capristo Salon and Wellness Spa
5850 Ellsworth Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
(412) 361-8722
Hours: Tues, Fri 8am-6pm; Wed to Thurs 8am-9pm; Sat 8am-4pm

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The Greater Pittsburgh Runners Club

(724) 348-6012
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If you went to Salon 5844 for your cut, head down the street a few steps to Capristo Hair Salon and Wellness Spa for a massage. Their massage area is separate from the rest of the salon so you won't hear any hair dryers or smell any hair dye while you're trying to relax. Calming music, soft lighting and experienced massage therapists give you the trifecta of pampering while you're getting you massage. Not sure about a massage? Try out the 60-minute couples massage. At only $95, you'll get some quiet down time with your partner and the benefit of a massage at the same time!

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Best place for a manicure

Dean of Shadyside
5404 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
(412) 621-7900
Hours: Mon 12pm-8pm; Tues 9am-6pm; Wed 10am-8pm; Thurs 9am-8pm; Fri 9am-5pm; Sat 8am-4pm
Website & Reviews

Yes, it's time. It's time to put the "man" back into manicure. Finding a place for a Gentleman's Manicure is hard. But look no further than Dean of Shadyside. Known more for its huge hair salon than its small nail technician area, Dean of Shadyside is a great place for a guy to get his first manicure. No strong nail salon smells, no harsh chemicals, no loud gossiping. Ask for Natalia and your hands will get a soak in a basin of warm, scented water followed up with hand massage with essential oils. Add in some fingernail trimming and some TLC to those ragged cuticles and you're done! And don't worry, your nails won't get painted with anything. A few strokes of a buffing tool will remove oils and dirt from your nails and give them the natural skin-toned shine all healthy nails need. There, that doesn't sound so bad does it?

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Best place to get a facial

Bloom Organic Skincare Parlor
5220 Butler Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
(412) 849-1891
Hours: Mon to Thurs 9am-6pm; Fri to Sun 9am-4pm
Website & Reviews

Admit it guys, you neglect your skin. It's time to start paying attention to more than just the hair on your face. Pamper your whole face! Bloom Organic Skincare Parlor in Lawrenceville offers an incredible, private facial to every client. Go for the Deep Pore Cleanse Facial to get a taste of what well taken care of skin looks and feels like. The owner can even help you pick out products to use to help you get that squeaky clean and healthy skin feeling at home.

Sally Turkovich lives in Pittsburgh with her fiancé, Jason and German Shepherd, Zeus. By day she works as an eyewear stylist for an independent eye doctor. By night, she write a twice-weekly column for Twoday Magazine. Catch up with her there at

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