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92-year-old Lower Burrell woman born on a leap year is celebrating her birthday for the 23rd time

At 92, a Lower Burrell woman is celebrating her birthday for the 23rd time
At 92, a Lower Burrell woman is celebrating her birthday for the 23rd time 02:09

LOWER BURRELL, Pa. (KDKA) -- If your birthday falls on Feb. 29, it technically only comes around once every four years. So that's how someone who is turning 92 is actually turning 23. Ethel Bonder is that someone.

When asked how it feels to be turning 23 after all these years, she responded with a smile and a laugh.

"It's wonderful to celebrate," said Bonder. "Lucky."

Bonder was born on Feb. 29, 1932, and grew up in New Kensington. She has lived in the area most of her life. And she says that when it came to celebrating her birthday, she didn't think it was right to celebrate in March.

"I used to celebrate on the 28th because I wasn't born in March," Bonder explained. "March wasn't the day, so we always celebrated on the 28th."

Ninety-two-year-old Ethel Bonder will celebrate her birthday for the 23rd time tomorrow. (Photo: KDKA)

This year, she gets the pleasure of celebrating on the actual day with a lot of her family, of which there are many children and grandchildren. Ethel's daughter Kara Spodeck says that there is a lot to admire about her mother.

"Well, she's blunt," said Spodeck. "She's honest. But the biggest thing is her ties with family and stressing how important it is, and that is why we are all here."

For Bonder, age seems to be just a state of mind, and she says the key to longevity is simple.

"I work," Bonder laughed. "I think it is good for my mind. Right? That's what it is. I sell real estate and I have a broker's license and I think that's good for your mind. If you sit still, then you deteriorate."

No matter what age, 92 or 23. Ethel Bonder is certainly young at heart.

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