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6-Year-Old Drummer Rocks Out With Brad Paisley

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Country singer Brad Paisley wowed the crowd at First Niagara Pavilion in Burgettstown Saturday night.

But the kid on the drums stole the show.

Six-year-old Avery Molek made it clear it was not yet past his bedtime.

Avery has been playing drums for two-thirds of his life. His parents say it all began with a toy set at the age of 2.

"Once you get started, you get addicted to it and you have to do it over and over," Molek says.

He spends hours practicing in his Washington rec room.

"One thing I like about practicing," Avery says, "is that you practice, and you also get something out of the practicing."

Something - like playing with Brad Paisley in front of more than 20,000 people.

"You kind of go numb when you watch him, because it's like an unbelievable event," says his mother, Liz Molek. "And then afterward, you look back and you go, 'Wow, he really did that.'"

Stage fright? The 6-year-old drummer says it's not a problem.

"If you don't look at the crowd, and you just look at your drums you'll probably just forget about it."

Even the talented have their slumps. Molek admits to getting a "B" in one of his first-grade classes.

Meanwhile, he says he has his future all mapped out.

"When I grow up, I want to have my own band," he says.

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