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367 People Submit Claims For Pittsburgh Diocese's Compensation Fund

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- More than 350 people have submitted claims to the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh's Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program.

The diocese said 367 people applied to the fund, claiming they were sexually abused by Catholic priests.

The administrators of the program are still going through the claims to determine how many will be paid out.

The deadline to apply was Sept. 30.


The diocese estimated 200-250 claims when the program was announced last December.

In an interview with KDKA, Bishop David Zubik said the diocese is committed to making all victim's whole and is looking to sell real estate and liquidate certain trusts to pay them.

He's also informed clergy and staff that drastic belt-tightening is needed to avoid bankruptcy, including shuttering schools and churches if they can't operate in the black.

The diocese could be looking at more than $30 million in payouts.

Officials it could take several months before all the claims to be reviewed.

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