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2 people arrested as protesters, police clash near University of Pittsburgh campus

2 people arrested as protesters, police clash on University of Pittsburgh campus
2 people arrested as protesters, police clash on University of Pittsburgh campus 02:44

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - After multiple days of no interactions with police, the protest currently occupying Schenley Plaza clashed with law enforcement, leading to at least two people being taken away in handcuffs.

The protest near the University of Pittsburgh is calling for the institution to break ties with any company that supports the nation of Israel, as its conflict with Hamas continues overseas.

Pro-Palestinian protesters had their arms locked for hours. An organizer told KDKA-TV they would not move unless Chancellor Gabel or members of the Board of Trustees came to negotiate.

Among their demands is the University of Pittsburgh divest from Israel.

Earlier, University of Pittsburgh police pushed protesters back from the Cathedral of Learning. Protesters had been peacefully marching around the building on the public street.

Issues arose when the protesters went onto the lawn of the Cathedral. They tried to set up a tent.

Pro-Palestinian protesters march, rally in Oakland 02:31

Protesters had formed a circle on the other side of the street, and police had not broken it up as of 10 p.m. Sunday.

At one point, two people were taken away by police. Organizers identified them as part of their protesters.

"We're here to tell the University of Pittsburgh that as faculty, as a community, they need to listen to the demands of the people and stop lining their pockets. This must end," one protester said.

The University of Pittsburgh later confirmed to KDKA-TV that one of the two people arrested was a University of Pittsburgh student.

The university has not yet responded to a request for comment on any other matters related to the protest.

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