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2 Men Shot Outside Greensburg Bar

GREENSBURG, Pa. (KDKA) - After two men were shot over the weekend, Greensburg police say they're going to step up patrols to assure the public's safety.

The shootings took place on a road and in an area of town known more for good food and some great entertainment, not gunfire and fear.

With the Palace Theatre and popular nightspots like Rialto Bar and Bistro, West Otterman Street is Greensburg's version of West Hollywood. But police say late Sunday night, it was anything but a fun place to be when an unknown male pulled out a gun

"There were just people out for the night having fun, just walking to their cars. He ran down the street and shot seven times. One of the bullets hit the walkway by the annex of the courthouse," said Greensburg police Captain Shawn Denning.

Pictures show the shattered glass. But in addition to glass, two men were struck by rounds. The violent episode started inside Rialto.

"It was determined that there may have been a verbal altercation inside the bar," said Denning.

Police say bar owners kicked out the man believed to be the shooter but he didn't go far.

"It appeared the shooter waited an hour for the victim to come out before he ran down the roadway and started to shoot," Denning said.

Investigators say the man was believed to be the shooter's target, but not the only person to be hit by the bullets.

"An innocent bystander was struck by the gunfire. He was already walking with a cane from a previous injury," Denning said.

Both men were rushed to the hospital and are expected to survive. Greensburg police said bar ownership did what they were supposed to do.

" They do take proactive steps. They wand anyone inside, they check IDs and any problems, they address immediately," said Denning.

For now, investigators continue to track down leads.

"They're actively seeking leads and are attaining surveillance video from all the surrounding establishment," Denning said.

Greensburg police say if you have any information about the whereabouts of the shooter, you're asked to call them.

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