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Teen With Muscular Dystrophy Beaten, Robbed & Dumped Over Hill

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Beaten, robbed and tossed over a hillside like a bag of trash, that's how an angry father describes what happened to his 15-year-old son. And the attacker, he says, is the boy's best friend.

The victim, Allan Littlejohn, 15, has a form of muscular dystrophy. His father, also named Allan, says his son wears braces on his legs, walks with a limp, and has poor balance.

The teen's father told KDKA's Brenda Waters his son's friend, a 16-year-old, called him Tuesday night, asking him to go to the store. That was around 10:30 p.m. At some point, something went terribly wrong and the friend turned on him, his father said.

Nearly 24 hours later, on Wednesday at 9:30 p.m., the teen was found crawling up a steep hill at Grandview Park on Mount Washington.

"I went looking for him, I filed a missing [person's] police report. I went in to the kid's house and asked him where he was at and he said he didn't know anything, and then my son, they called me, they said he crawled out of the park," he said.

The victim's father says his son's best friend of three years is responsible for the beating, resulting in a concussion and bleeding of the ears and nose.

"He grabbed my son by the neck, choked him out, stepped on his face, robbed him, stabbed him in the neck, took his cellphone so he couldn't call for help. He was in Grandview Park, took him and threw him over the hill," he said. "He was 21 feet down."

The boy is now being treated at Children's Hospital.

"His eyes are both closed shut. He's bleeding from the ear, he's bleeding from the nose, he's got stab wounds all around his neck, not including all the bug bites he's got all over his body from being laying up in the woods. He got rained on, he was wet," his father said.

The son has identified his attacker as the best friend, yet his father says no arrest has been made.

"My son's beat up, he's got the bruises. He's conscious enough to tell who his assailant was. I don't know why this kid is still walking the street when he should be behind bars right now," said Allan. "I don't understand it, this kid should be locked up."

Two Pittsburgh detectives went to the hospital Thursday afternoon, but there's been no word on an arrest. The boy's family said they are scared for his well-being and have him listed under an alias.

His father said they're keeping him at the hospital for a few more days for observation.

"My son is lying in a hospital bed, he could have died on that hill if he didn't crawl up it. This guy's still walking the street, yeah I'm mad!" he said.

Tanya Littlejohn, the boy's mother, tearfully asked a question to the boy's alleged attacker: "Why would you do that to little Allan? We loved you, you ate and slept in our house, how could you do that to my son? And then you lied to us!"

Stay with KDKA and CBS Pittsburgh for more developments in this story.

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