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11 Allegheny County Jail Inmates Test Positive For Coronavirus, More Than Doubling Number Of Infections Overnight

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Eleven inmates at the Allegheny County Jail tested positive for coronavirus overnight, more than doubling the number of infections at the jail.

As of Monday, the jail said 19 inmates have tested positive, with seven tests pending.

In addition, two staff members have tested positive, with four tests pending.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the jail says officials are reviewing cases to determine which inmates are appropriate for release.

Inmates with health problems are being considered first, but non-violent inmates held on cash bails are also being considered.

Even though 1,148 have now been released, it hasn't stopped the virus from spreading through the institution.

County council member Bethany Hallam says more than half of those tested in the jail have come up positive, highlighting the immediate need for more testing.

"The most important thing is that every incarcerated person and staff member in the Allegheny County Jail receive a COVID-19 test," Hallam said.

The county says it is screening staff and inmates for fever and respiratory problems and quarantining those who have tested positive.

It says it is also following the health department and CDC guidelines of disinfecting cells and providing inmates extra soap and sanitizer.

But Hallam is calling for the release of more inmates to lower the population below the current 1,600.

Eighteen inmates and 28 staff members have tested negative, the jail says.

Forty-four inmates and 34 employees have been tested so far.

More information on the Coronavirus pandemic:

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