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Zeoli Show Log 4.20.15

3:00 Sources are reporting the Eagles will sign Tim Tebow.

3:04 The Tebow pretzel is now for sale.

3:17 Rich talks to David French from National Review  about the targeting of conservatives in Wisconsin.

3:35 Ohio Governor John Kasich said he would attend a gay wedding.

3:42 Marco Rubio addressed his stance on same-sex marriage this Sunday to Bob Schieffer.

4:03 Ben and Jerry's is being criticized for their new beer flavored ice cream.

4:08 A new report says ESPN reporter Britt McHenry was provoked during her rant against a parking lot attendant.

4:34 Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf's nominee for Secretary of State is coming under fire for his role in the investigation in the Kermit Gosnell affair.

4:48 New York Mayor Bill De Blasio may be positioning himself to run for President.

4:50 In a new CNN poll, Jeb Bush leads the Republican field.

5:02 Prostitutes at a brothel in Nevada are endorsing Hillary Clinton.

5:05 A state representative wants to give Pennsylvanians the right sue for damage caused by potholes.

5:35 A large number of Somalis in Minneapolis are joining ISIS.

5:37 A US warship is headed to Iranian waters to block weapons from moving to Yemen.

5:43 Ben Affleck attempted to cover up the fact that his ancestors once owned slaves.

5:49 HBO has threatened a bar to stop holding Game of Thrones viewing parties.

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