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Fallen Vietnam veterans honored in Delaware County for an early observance of Memorial Day

Marcus Hook honors 185 fallen Vietnam Veterans
Marcus Hook honors 185 fallen Vietnam Veterans 01:57

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Community members gathered in Market Square Memorial Park on Saturday to honor the legacies of 185 men and women who died while serving in the U.S. Military during the Vietnam War. 

The small ceremony took place following a Memorial Day parade down the streets of Marcus Hook.

The 31st annual Delaware County Vietnam Veterans Memorial Service was hosted by Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 67.

Speakers read the names of 185 service members. After each name was read, a bell was rung.

Among those honored was Maureen and Susie McHugh's brother, Timothy D. McHugh, a Marine.


"We still miss him," Maureen said. "Every year, it gets more difficult. We had a great relationship. We were really close before he left."

"We lost him just before his 21st birthday. It's always an honor to remember him," Susie said.

Others who attended the ceremony never met their relatives who died in the line of duty. Chris Allard's uncle Paul Edward "Buddy" Allard died while serving in the Marines.

"The guy still looms large. He's got a huge presence over this family, and honestly, he's my hero," Chris Allard said.

Speakers included Col. Arthur Jenkins and Gina Rose Toland.

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