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Philadelphia Counterterrorism Detective Gives Intimate Look At How To Survive Mass Shooting Amid Crisis In US

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- As the United States reels from the latest rash of mass shootings, an inevitable question is becoming more prevalent: what should you do if you find yourself at the scene of a mass shooting?

While there is no official definition of a mass shooting, it's loosely defined as a shooting with four or more victims. By that barometer, there have been at least six mass shootings in Philadelphia since April.

Eyewitness News put together a map displaying where the shootings in Philadelphia have happened.

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By our count, it translates to 30 victims who survived and two who were killed. The scenes have included a graduation party, music video shoot and a basketball game.

Local authorities provided some actions you should take should you find yourself in a horrifying situation.

It takes mere moments for our lives to change forever.

"We're in a complacent stage of saying we're going to enjoy ourselves," Philadelphia Police Detective Joseph Rovnan said. "But we don't look at things differently. We think we're safe. We're not guaranteed anywhere to be safe."

Rovnan specializes in counterterrorism and he's one of several officers stationed outside of every Philadelphia Phillies game.

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As mass shootings continue to mount in the U.S., how prepared can you be?

"We know in the first responder community we're ready to respond, but we're not there in time," Rovnan said. "The thing is, the people have to understand that they have options that they need to consider up front before it happens."

Rovnan teaches: Run. Hide. Fight.

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If you can get out, he says get out. But not every scenario presents itself in that order.

Rovnan says figure out the option that's available to you right then and there in the event of any terroristic threat.

The Phillies just installed polls this offseason to protect pedestrians.

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Rovnan says it takes buy-in at all levels to protect you at your office or even in large venues.

"Only way to defend yourself if you're one of these fans coming to the ballpark is to keep a lookout," Gabe Franczyk, of Glenside, said. "You never know what can happen."

"We shouldn't have to live our life in fear that every time we go out at a big event we should be afraid to go out," LaVonne Gullete, of North New Jersey, said. "We have to keep living."

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Rovnan says familiarize yourself with the places you're in. Are there locks on the door? Can you jam them in the event of a shooter? Where are the exits?

Most important, Rovnan say, replacing complacency with competency.

"And don't say, 'Not in my town USA.' Sometimes you think about where this is all occurring. There's no one specific venue it occurs," Rovnan said. "It can happen anywhere."

Mayor Jim Kenney tweeted Sunday, "My thoughts are with the people of El Paso, Dayton and every community affected by the scourge of gun violence. We must do better."

CBS3's Dan Koob reports.

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