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Today Marks 25th Anniversary Of Last Time Tipped Minimum Wage Was Raised

By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Today is the 25th anniversary of the last time the tipped minimum wage was raised.

The tipped minimum wage is what workers like waiters and waitresses are paid, with the tacit understanding that happy customers will make up the difference. But that's not always the case.

Samuel Jones, with the Restaurant Opportunity Center for Pennsylvania, explains the actual amount in Pennsylvania.

"It is at $2.83 but that is still inadequate. The federal tipped minimum wage is only $2.13 so it is time to change that."

Jones says an effort is underway in Pennsylvania to eliminate the two tiered minimum wage and make one fair minimum wage of at least ten-dollars and ten cents.

Seven states already have one fair wage.

"In the one fair wage states, servers are actually making more, folks tip better in those states and the restaurant industry is thriving in those states. "

The last time Pennsylvania's minimum wage was increased was 1999.

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