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Donations pour in after couple's car in South Philadelphia was stolen on Thanksgiving with walker inside

What you need to know about the record of car thefts in Philadelphia
What you need to know about the record of car thefts in Philadelphia 02:54

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A couple in South Philly had their car stolen Thanksgiving night but they were more concerned with losing their walker and cane, which were inside the car. Donations poured in and now they have more than enough.

"I need them to get around, I really do especially outside the house. I did have a backup cane and giant walker, which is just horrible to try to maneuver," said John Petroski, who's on oxygen and lives with various medical conditions.

When CBS News Philadelphia met Petroski and his wife, they were dealing with a stolen car and more urgently trying to figure out how to get a new walker so John could safely get around. 

The Petroskis weren't expecting what happened next. After their story aired on CBS News Philadelphia, strangers went into action. People reached out wanting to donate canes and walkers and kindness showed up on their South Philly doorstep in the form of very large boxes.

"It showed that there is still some kindness in the world which is nice," John Petroski said.

Lynn Petroski said her 76-year-old husband was like a kid on Christmas morning opening up big mystery packages revealing new canes and walkers. Now, they have more than enough.

"I really don't need any more canes or walkers and thank you to the folks that did that," Petroski said.

Police located their Hyundai Sonata but they don't have any leads on who took it.  According to data from Philly police, more than 20,000 cars have been stolen in the city this year, shattering all previous records. Last month, a CBS News Philadelphia investigation found Hyundais and Kias make up for more than 60% of the stolen vehicles possibly because of a how-to video showing how to steal the vehicles that became popular on social media.

Since the video circulated, Hyundai and Kia now offer a free software upgrade designed to restrict the ignition system if someone tries to drive the car without the key. You can call your dealership to see if you qualify or visit the following websites: KIA Anti-Theft Support Actions or Hyundai Anti-Theft Software Upgrade.

Others can get a free steering wheel lock either from law enforcement or directly from the auto companies.

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