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Shale Tax Supporters Face Slow Go In PA House

HARRISBURG, PA (CBS) -- Supporters of a tax on natural gas extraction are growing frustrated with the slow, grinding process of debating the issue in the state House, which has now adjourned until next year.

The state House has, in fits and starts, worked its way through consideration of dozens of amendments to the Marcellus Shale natural gas tax bill.

Unfortunately for supporters, there are still hundreds more on deck. Last week, they tried parliamentary maneuvers to try to force the House to resume debate on those amendments.

Kate Harper is a Republican from Montgomery County.

"It's clear that the rules are being used to prevent a discussion of a severance tax," she said.

A spokesman for House Republican leaders, who oppose the shale tax, denies that there is an effort to slow-walk the bill, citing the huge number of amendments and other legislative priorities that are being addressed.

He also says leaders hope for a compromise.

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