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Scratch Biscuits

Scratch Biscuits
1306 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(267) 930-3727

Its literally 110 degrees outside, you're sweating through your shirt as soon as you step outside, and you're walking by people sleeping in fountains on your way home from work—yep, it's August in Philly.

While you may be desperate for the heat to break, there's unfortunately only one month of summer left, which means now is the time to live it up before that polar vortex comes back, ugh. So if you haven't spent your summer hitting the beach, drinking in beer gardens and making bad decisions now's your last chance, and don't worry, Scratch Biscuits will be there to help you recover when it's all over.

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Yes, Scratch Biscuits has come to save the day and help cure your hangover from hell with well… biscuits. It may sound kind of bland but just trust us on this one. We've all had those mornings where you wake up with your heading pounding, your stomach reeling and wondering what in the world you did last night, but that my friend is the perfect type of morning for you to shake off the shame, get yourself out of bed and head to city center for a biscuit.

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At Scratch Biscuits you'll gobble down delicious breakfast biscuit-wiches like the Johnny Paycheck and suddenly all that pain from last night seems will be long forgotten. Seriously though, what could be better for a hangover than bacon, eggs and cheese all on a delicious southern style biscuit? Not only do they do breakfast, but they also have a bomb-dot-com lunch menu too. So if you decided to get turnt up during the week (props to you pal) and are struggling at work, you can go ahead and make it all better with a sandwich like the Pigscuit (Carolina pulled pork shoulder, coleslaw, smoked cheddar, fried pork rinds and Rival Brothers Coffee BBQ Sauce), or if you're feeling less adventurous just make your own. It may not get rid of those awful flashbacks of what you did when you were blacked out, but it can help your hangover… hopefully.

So live it up while the summer is still here, and don't worry- Scratch Biscuits will be there when you need them.

By Stephanie Hartmann

Stephanie Hartmann writes and edits E.S.P. Eat. See. Play. lifestyle content for CBS Philadelphia.

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