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Scranton Area Residents Wake Up To Find Homes Covered In Toilet Paper

SCRANTON, Pa. (CBS) – Call it a stinky situation.

Some residents in northeastern Pennsylvania woke up to find their neighborhood littered with toilet paper, but they don't think it's the work of pranksters.

Neighbors not far from Scranton believe a passing plane dumped toilet paper and shredded plastic bags onto their property overnight.

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They reportedly called the Federal Aviation Administration and an investigation is underway.

"It's nuts," says area resident Michael Reiher. "I mean, a plane drops stuff out of the sky onto someone's yard? I mean, that's just crazy, I've never seen something like that before."

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The FAA plans to collect samples of the debris and take it to a lab for testing.

The organization is also trying to pinpoint which aircraft was in the airspace of the homes at the time people say they saw the toilet paper falling.

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