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Suspects wanted for assaulting Bucks County comic store owner

Suspects wanted for assaulting Bucks County comic store owner
Suspects wanted for assaulting Bucks County comic store owner 01:57

FEASTERVILLE, Pa. (CBS) -- Nearly six months after two men bound, beat and robbed a beloved Bucks County comic store owner, a reward is being offered to help find those responsible.

Comic Collection opened its doors on this day back in 1985, and now, the owner is hoping someone from the community he's served for nearly four decades may know something and come forward.

"It's something that still goes through my head," owner Dave Schwartz said.

Two men posed as customers and lured the Comic Collection store owner Schwartz up a ladder back on Sept. 18. Moments later, the pair knocked the 61-year-old to the ground and began beating him before zip-tying his hands and feet and robbing the store.


"To get beaten and beaten badly in my own business I didn't ever expect that in my lifetime," Schwartz said. "This is the land of happiness. Why would someone come in this store and beat the heck out of me?"

While Schwartz's physical injuries, including shattered ribs and bruises up and down his body have healed, the emotional scars are still very raw as the suspects remain on the run.

"I'm always looking behind me to make sure no one is following me and that kind of thing," Schwartz said.

Since that day, Schwartz never works in the store alone. His customers have helped him raise $1,000 as a reward for information leading to an arrest.

"This is a caring community and I can't tell you how thankful I am to the people that did contribute," Schwartz said.

"We're also following up on forensic evidence that we obtained at the scene," Stephen Brookes said.

Lower Southampton Detective Brookes says his team is working on a number of leads but says getting a name or address would be a huge break in the case.

"It's very critical and it helps a lot when the community does get involved," Brookes said.

For now, Schwartz remains determined not to let what happened to define his story as his quest for justice continues.

"They're not getting my dignity I'm not letting them," Schwartz said.

Anyone with information about the suspects is asked to call Lower Southampton police.

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