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2 men wanted for beating, robbing beloved Bucks County comic store owner

2 men wanted for beating, robbing Bucks County comic store owner
2 men wanted for beating, robbing Bucks County comic store owner 02:14

FEASTERVILLE, Pa. (CBS) -- Police in Bucks County are looking for two men who bound, beat and robbed a beloved 61-year-old comic store owner. The brutal incident was captured on a surveillance camera.

"We sell comics, action figures, music even you name it, we have it," Comic Collection founder Dave Schwartz said.

Comic Collection has been a haven for hobbyists for nearly 40 years.

Schwartz is known to his customers as the sovereign of eclectic treasures from eras past and present so much so they call him "The Comic Deity."

Two Sundays ago. the 61-year-old was alone doing inventory in his Feasterville shop around 4 p.m. when two men wearing masks walked in.

"I've never seen them in here before," Schwartz said.

Video shows the pair asking Schwartz to grab a statue off the top shelf.

"They got me to go up there and as I'm grabbing, they pushed the ladder out underneath me and I came down," Schwartz said. "I was down and then they proceeded to come in and punch away, and kick away and they were stomping on me pretty good."

Schwartz's ribs were shattered and nearly two weeks after, bruises are still visible on his face, arms and abdomen.

The attackers then zip-tied Schwartz's hands and feet as one of the men pulled out a knife.

"He put it to my face and said if you want to live and I just nodded my head," Schwartz said.

The thieves stuffed more than $16,000 worth of merchandise into duffle bags as Schwartz was bound and bleeding.

"At that point, I was doing whatever needed to be done, to stay alive," Schwartz said.

Forty-five minutes later, a neighbor spotted the men running off and called the police.


Schwartz credits his community for helping save his life.

"People in this neighborhood do look out for each other and I've had so many people that have called me and checked on me," he said, "and it's been wonderful."

Schwartz's already back to work, accompanied by friends and fans who aren't letting this self-dubbed "stubborn Gus" be here alone anymore.

As his attackers remain on the run, Schwartz is hoping someone may know who and where they are, his spirit and mission remarkably preserved.

"My goal of this store is to make as many people happy as possible," Schwartz said.

Call Lower Southampton police if you have any information.

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