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Philadelphia's West Oak Lane Neighborhood Is Fed Up With Gun Violence After Triple Homicide: 'I'm Disgusted'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Philadelphia police are investigating a gruesome crime scene in West Oak Lane. A shooting left three young men dead on Saturday night.

Residents in the area tell CBS3 the neighborhood is fed up with gun violence.

At the corner of Haines Street and Cedar Park Avenue, every honk is a sign of hope as a group rallied for an end to gun violence.

"I'm disgusted at the fact that number one, the community to me has not expressed enough outrage," Jamal Johnson said. 

The men who say they aren't a part of any organization came to West Oak Lane Sunday morning. As the rain came down, their message stood tall.

Philadelphia's West Oak Lane Neighborhood Is Fed Up With Gun Violence After Triple Homicide: 'I'm Disgusted'

"I came out about an hour and a half ago," Johnson said. "We come out just enough so that people can realize we're serious about keeping this up."

The rally came hours after three men were gunned down in West Oak Lane Saturday night.

"I'm just so grateful to see this because we really need it," Ada Brinson said. 

Investigators say two of the men were found dead in a stolen Kia Sportage with a stolen license plate. The third was found dead in an alleyway nearby.

Police have not yet identified any of the three victims, but they say all three are adults. Police say they don't yet know what the motive was for these shootings.

"We do have direction, we have some witnesses, we have some ear witnesses and some eyewitnesses and the investigation is ongoing," Captain Anthony Ginaldi, of the Philadelphia Police Department, said.

According to Philly Police, there have been at least 88 homicides so far this year.

Philadelphia Police: 3 Men Killed During Shooting In West Oak Lane

"You learn to live with it but when they start killing and when we don't feel safe in our own homes, it's disturbing," Brinson said. 

"I hope that things will get better, however, if we know anything about statistics in the summertime it usually tends to get worse," Tyree Davis said.

While they weren't mighty in numbers, as the men walked around the intersection of Haines Street and Cedar Park Avenue, they held signs high and they weren't alone.

"We actually love that because even though they're not here on foot, boots on the ground, they're still… a form of support," Johnson said.

Another homicide investigation is underway in West Philadelphia. Police say a woman was shot and killed just before 9 a.m. Sunday at a home on North 58th Street.

Investigators did find a weapon at the scene and made one arrest.

CBS3's Jasmine Payoute and Ross DiMattei contributed to this report.

For a list of gun violence resources in Philadelphia, click here.

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