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Commissioner: 'We Will Be Out There With A Sizable Contingent Of Officers' Following Super Bowl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The Philadelphia police commissioner says his department is ready for large crowds following Sunday's Super Bowl.

Mincing no words, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said the Eagles will win the Super Bowl on Sunday and the department is "expecting very large celebrations" in the aftermath.

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"We will be ready. We will be out there with a sizable contingent of officers that will be seen by most and we will make every effort to know that we are about business, but we are also the business of allowing people to celebrate as long as it's done peacefully.

There will be checkpoints and police will be looking for bottles and weapons.

Ross said commuters should stay clear of Center City and the area of Frankford and Cottman because the crowd size could swell quickly.

"There will be a very, very large number of police officers. It will be much larger than the championship game. We will be prepared for just about anything that will occur," said Ross.

The police commissioner added that they won't use Crisco to grease the poles this Sunday to thwart people from trying to climb them, but hinted that they are cooking up a different recipe.

"Now look, I can't tell you that there won't still be attempts, but I would suspect that some of them will be far more difficult than they were with the Crisco attempt," said Ross.

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Social media went stirring after the announcement, as people were waxing about lubricant alternatives, baby oil, and even I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.

Prior to the NFC Championship game, poles were greased across the city with Crisco, however, some were still able to make it up the pole.

After the NFC championship game, there were an estimated 12,000 Eagles fans in the Mayfair section of the city. There were no significant issues.

"We're just anticipating that if they win, probably triple the amount of people, celebrants, and if that's the case, we have to increase our manpower, too," said Philadelphia Police Capt. Anthony Luca.

Police met with bar and business owners in preparation for Sunday's game.

Ross also said that Pennsylvania State Police will also be assisting with the crowds on Sunday.

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