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"You can be who you want": Thousands attend Pride March in Philadelphia

Thousands hit streets of Philadelphia for Pride Parade
Thousands hit streets of Philadelphia for Pride Parade 01:42

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Tens of thousands of people came out to celebrate Pride in Philadelphia Sunday.  

A massive symbol of acceptance, the Pride Flag, moved through the streets of Center City carried by those celebrating the LGBTQ+ community during the Pride March. 

Organizers say the 200-foot-long Pride Flag is one of the largest in the country.  

It's a display of representation that couples like Kalila Goulding-Huckle and Casserie Gaffud are thankful for.  

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"It's really important that we got to go together today," Goulding-Huckle said. 

For Gaffud, it's her first time going to a Pride parade for herself after coming out in November.  

"I don't think I could have done it. I've been many times but not as me or for myself. So, this is a very big difference for me," Gaffud said.  

The two started dating after they met at work.  They travel back and forth to London, where Goulding-Huckle is from.  

On Sunday, they were side by side for the parade. 


"You can be who you want, and everyone is pretty accepting. I love it here. It's my second home now,"  Goulding-Huckle said.  

"Just like being able to finally like have someone who's walked me through it who understands it,"  Gaffud said.

Aside from couples, families like the Gehret's came out to support those who have found or are still finding their identity.  

"Wherever you are in that progression you are supported here today," Jennifer Gehret said. 

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It's a sense of acceptance that many say can lead others to finally living their truths.   

"Everyone loves whoever they want to love and that's like the beauty of it,"  Goulding-Huckle said. 

Organizers say this is the biggest turnout they've seen for a Pride parade here in Philly. 

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