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Pet Project: Tips on keeping your pets safe from frigid temperatures in the winter

Pet Project: Keeping your pets safe during a deep freeze
Pet Project: Keeping your pets safe during a deep freeze 05:25

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- When bitterly cold temperatures and snow move in, it's important pet owners take steps to keep their animals safe. 

Pennsylvania SPCA animal advocate Carol Erickson told CBS News Philadelphia that as we work through the winter season, it's essential we keep our animals inside and safe from the cold. 

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This reminder comes as a dangerous blast of Arctic air is moving into the region this week, bringing the Delaware Valley some of the coldest weather it has seen in several years.

Many veterinarians will say if it's too cold for you to be outside, it's likely too cold for your pets to be outside. This could be slightly different if you have a thick-coated dog, like a Siberian Husky. These breeds of dogs will do better outside in comparison to other breeds with thinner coats. 

Erickson reminds us that dogs are susceptible to frostbite and hypothermia. So it is key to ensure your pets have access to warmth, water and food. Remember dogs belong in the house because they're social animals; they need to be in close company with their owners. 

If you have an older dog and are taking them outside to go to the bathroom, you'll want to grab a coat for not only you but also your furry friend. Geriatric dogs need help regulating their body temperatures, so a dog coat or sweater will surely do the trick. 

As the temperatures drop, don't let your guard down. Dog paws will need some extra TLC as snow salts will likely be left on sidewalks and streets this week.

Now that you have the tips to keep your pets safe, what do you do if you see a stray animal outside suffering in the cold? 


Erickson said if you see a pet suffering in a life-or-death situation outside in the cold, call 911. In the Philadelphia area, the responding party will be ACCT Philly. You can also reach them in this case at 267-385-3800.

Another option is to call the PSPCA Cruelty Line for any pet that was left outside without food, water or shelter. You can reach the PSPCA at 866-601-7722. 

You can watch the full interview with Erickson in the video player above. Stay tuned for the end of the interview to meet some of the animals available for adoption at the PSPCA. 

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